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Ptfe tube is made of high quality plunger extruder tube. Special processing technology is adopted to make the steel tube and plastic tube closely combined. It can withstand positive pressure of 1.6mpa and negative pressure of 77Kpa.It can be normally used in -60℃ ~ +260℃, with reliable and excellent corrosion resistance.Conveying high temperature strong corrosive gas, liquid, this is other pipelines can not be replaced.Teflon tube material: Teflon resin.Teflon tube service temperature :-80~+260℃.Related Searches: PTFE stainless steel braided hose, convoluted ptfe hoseptfe convoluted tube----

Ptfe properties

Ptfe tube properties: strong acid resistance: strong alkali chemical reagent high temperature self-lubrication.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has excellent chemical stability, can withstand all strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidants, and does not interact with various organic solvents.PTFE can be used at a wide range of temperatures. It can be used for a long time at -180℃~250℃ under normal pressure. After 1000h of treatment at 250℃, the mechanical properties of PTFE change very little.PTFE is a good anti-friction and self-lubricating material with a very low friction factor. Its static friction coefficient is less than the dynamic friction coefficient, so it has the advantages of small starting resistance and smooth operation when used to make bearings.

PTFE is an excellent electrical insulating material because it is non-polar, heat-resistant and non-water-absorbent.Also has excellent aging resistance, non - viscosity and non - flammability.Ptfe made of bar, pipe, film, bearing, gasket, valve and other different profiles and parts, widely used in machinery, chemical industry, aviation, electrical electronics, national defense industry, cutting-edge technology, medical health and electrical insulation and other fields.

ptfe tube-

How to judge the stand or fall of PTFE tube

In recent years, after the performance of polytetrafluoroethylene tube is improved greatly, it is the favor that got more consumer more.Ptfe tube manufacturer says a few points simply below, let you through these a few tips can quickly understand the stand or fall of teflon tube.


You can tell if something else has been added by feeling it.


Some tubes have a special color and if there's another color it means something has been added.

(3) smell

Most of the pipes now still smell and have not reached the level of green environmental protection.

(4) The quality of the pipe can be seen through the elasticity test

The above is about the ptfe performance and how to judge the teflon tube good or bad introduction, I hope you will like!We are professional ptfe tube manufacturers, you are welcome to inquire ~

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