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Besteflon supplies PTFE stainless steel braided hose in virgin & blue-black conductive version which is suitable for most major industrial,hydraulic and a variety of applications.
We also supply PTFE smooth bore as well as convoluted/corrugated hose with flanged ends,
crimped fittings or connectors upon specific requirements. Click Here

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About us

Huizhou Zhongxin Besteflon Industrial Co., Ltd. founded in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in PTFE hose production R&D and sales. We have been specialized in PTFE Convoluted Hose,PTFE Smooth Bore Hose,PTFE Hose With Over Cover Layer,PTFE Convoluted Tube,PTFE Brake Hose,PTFE Hose Assembly for 15 years. We have sets of production equipment and testing system. Our products with good performance and competitive price are selling at home and abroad.

We have a high-quality design team and a complete quality assurance system. We are equipped with many kinds of equipment like the pressure detector, precision gauge tester, insulation tester, temperature detector to ensure products having good performance and excellent quality.

Our Advantage

High Quality PTFE Hoses with Competitive Price

1、 The PTFE hose is a tube composed of an inner PTFE lining and an outer protective cover. The PTFE liner is similar to a PTFE tube with an external protective cover, increasing its pressure resistance. The combination of outer cover and inner PTFE liner makes the hose an important tool in many applications.
2、 Melting point of PTFE hose is 327℃ (620.6℉)
3、 Hose types are available in smooth bore PTFE hose, convoluted PTFE hose and smooth bore inner and convoluted outer PTFE hose.
4、 PTFE hose were initially used in hydraulic or pneumatic systems or in the aerospace sector and quickly became popular. Hoses and tubes made of polytetrafluoroethylene perform well under challenging environmental and industrial conditions, so their commercial use in industry is on the rise.
Due to its high commercial availability and its excellent performance, PTFE products are important commodities in the industrial, medical and consumer markets, where they are used not only in traditional methods, but also in non-traditional and unconventional methods.

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Our Advantage

PTFE tube is a transparent, chemically inert and non-toxic material that features unmatched chemical resistance and a surface that really facilitates the flow.

1、 Our PTFE tube is food safe grade, cause the PTFE resin what we use is FDA approved.
2、 Operating temperature range is from -65℃ (-85℉) to +260℃ (+500℉)
3、 Melting point of PTFE tube is 327℃ (620.6℉)
4、PTFE tube operating pressure rating is from 74 psi to 148 psi, burst pressure rating is from 296 psi (20.4 bar) to 444 psi (30.6 bar).
5、Our PTFE tube is complete in specifications, PTFE smooth bore tube is available from 2*4mm to 28*32mm (Metric range) and from 1/16’’*1/8’’ to 1’’*1-1/8’’ (Imperial range); PTFE convoluted tube is available from 5/16’’ (6.5mm ID) to 2’’ (50mm ID)

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