Introduction of Anti-Static PTFE tube

What is Anti-static PTFE tube?

      We all know that PTFE tube have two versions, the regular tube and the anti-static version. Why we call it anti-static tube? That is PTFE tube with a layer of highly pure carbon black dust inside. The anti-static carbon black layer ensures good conductivity but does not prevent the static charge.



Properties Anti-static PTFE tube

Properties Anti-static PTFE tube

       Antistatic PTFE tube also have the excellent properties as standard PTFE tubing:

  · A wide working temperature range

  -65℃ to +260℃(-85℉ to +500℉)

  · Fire-resistant and non-flammable

  · Excellent chemical resistance

  · Non-wetting, non-sticky, non-toxic

  · Lowest coefficient of friction

  · Fatigue resistance, solvent resistance

  · The resistance of anti-static (conductive)

  PTFE tubes does not exceed 106Ω.

 Why Anti-static tube is necessary in some applications?

  Static generally builds up when insulators or insulated conductors are rubbed. When static charge is created it can ignite the medium or can cause holes in the wall of the tubing. The layer of carbon black in the tubing does not prevent static charge but provides a good and safe guidance. In order to get rid of static electricity, we have to turn it into current electricity by creating a circuit. So in some applications, to avoid tube explosions and injurious incidents, anti static version is necessary.

  Static is particularly problematic with teflon tube. The conductivity of teflon is exceptionally low, 10-25 S/m, lower than silicone and rubber (10-14).

Applications of Anti-static PTFE tube

  What kind of mediums will create static? Fluids like fuels, solvents, freons, Toluene and WFI, etc. All multi-phase media, like powder and air, as well as steam can also create a static hazard and should use anti-static tube.

  Anti-static PTFE tube suitable for a wide variety of applications: Food handling and production, pharmaceutical and bio-medical transfer applications, fluids associated with high temperatures, petrochem and specialist chemical transfer, beverage handling and production, etc

Choices for Bestflon Anti-static version tube


Applications of Anti-static PTFE tube

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