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Conductive ptfe hose is a flexible anti-static hose with an internal tube made of carbon and a PTFE resin material. It is very effective in preventing electrostatic buildup when compared to normal hoses. The form of the PTFE anti-static tube is divided into smooth bore hose and convoluted hose, which are the best choice for the military, aviation, automobile and other industries.

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    PTFE conductive hose is a flexible hose with excellent anti-static properties. It conducts electricity by adding a layer of carbon to the lining, and the tube is mainly used to prevent explosions where static electricity builds up. PTFE hose is specified for many of the most challenging industrial applications. Some applications require the conductivity of the tube to eliminate static buildup. So how to decide to choose anti-static PTFE hose depends on the medium passing through the hose, such as various fuels, flammables, gas and electrical applications.

    At present, the most used are automobile fuel hose. The friction caused by the moving fluid generates static electricity. If enough static electricity accumulates in the polyethylene hose, the static electricity is discharged into the stainless steel outer lining. When this happens, the vent creates a pinhole leak in the PTFE tube. Carbon conductive coating pads release this electrical buildup to prevent static shock.

    Advantages of a PTFE conductive hose:

    1.High temperature resistance, insoluble in any solvent. It can withstand high temperature up to 300 °C in a short time, and generally can be used continuously between 200 °C and 260 °C, with significant thermal stability.

    2. Low temperature resistance, good mechanical toughness at low temperature, even if the temperature drops to -65 ℃, it will not become embrittled, and it can maintain 5% elongation.

    3. Corrosion resistant, inert to most chemicals and solvents, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, water and various organic solvents, can protect parts from any kind of chemical corrosion.

    4. Anti-aging, under high load, has the dual advantages of wear resistance and non-sticking. Best aging life in plastics.

    5. PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction among solid materials. The coefficient of friction changes when the load slides, but the value is only between 0.05-0.15. Therefore, it has the advantages of low starting resistance and smooth operation for making bearings.

    Application of PTFE conductive hoses

    1.Automotive industry: PTFE hose has unique high heat resistance characteristics, which is ideal for fluid transportation at high temperature.

    2. Electrical industry: The excellent dielectric properties of PTFE hose make it a perfect choice for high-voltage cable insulation.

    Therefore, in the case of low conductivity fluids or two-phase flow, a PTFE conductive hose is required. If you are not sure whether your product needs conductive function, please contact our sales staff, we will give you a more professional answer.

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    Product Details

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    Material:  PTFE
    Specification:  1/8'' to 1''
    Thickness:  0.85/1/1.5MM
    Inside hose color: black
    Temperature range: -65℃--+260℃
    Wire braided: 304/316 stainless steel wire braided
    Appliecation: Chemical/Machinery equipment//Compressed gas/Fuel and lubricant handling/Steam transfer/Hydraulic systems

    Smooth Bore Hose Range

    No. Inner diameter Outer diameter Tube Wall
    sleeve size
    (inch) (mm±0.2) (inch) (mm±0.2) (inch) (mm±0.1)
    ZXGM151-03 1/8" 3.5 0.263 6.7 0.039 1.00 ZXTF0-02
    ZXGM151-04  3/16"  4.8  0.362 9.2  0.033  0.85  ZXTF0-03
    ZXGM151-05  1/4"  6.4  0.385 9.8  0.033  0.85  ZXTF0-04
    ZXGM151-06  5/16"  8.0  0.433  11.3  0.033  0.85  ZXTF0-05
    ZXGM151-07  3/8"  9.5  0.512  13.0  0.033  0.85  ZXTF0-06
    ZXGM151-08  13/32"  10.3  0.531  13.5  0.033  0.85  ZXTF0-06
    ZXGM151-10  1/2"  12.7  0.630  16.0  0.039  1.00  ZXTF0-08
    ZXGM151-12 5/8"  16.0  0.756  19.2  0.039  1.00  ZXTF0-10
    ZXGM151-14 3/4" 19.0  0.902  22.9  0.039  1.00  ZXTF0-12
    ZXGM151-16  7/8" 22.2  1.031 26.2  0.039  1.00  ZXTF0-14
    ZXGM151-18    1"  25.0  1.161  29.5  0.059  1.50  ZXTF0-16

    * Meet SAE 100R14 standard.

    * Customer-specific products may be discussed with us for detailed.

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  • 1. What is a PTFE conductive tube?

    PTFE conductive tube is a carbon-containing PTFE internal tube, which is called a conductive tube because its carbon coating can release the static electricity generated when working.

    2. Do I need to use conductive tubes on our application?

    First of all, you need to understand what is the function of the conductive tube? Different application fields have different requirements on whether the conductive effect is required. At present, the most common applications are the automotive industry, aerospace and electrical applications. If you need more professional advice, please contact our sales personnel.


    We offer the usual packing as follows

    1、Nylon bag or poly bag

    2、Carton box

    3、Plastic pallet or plywood pallet

    Customized Packaging is charged

    1、Wooden reel

    2、Wooden case

    3、Other customized packaging also available

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