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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is a kind of high molecular compound, has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance. It is one of the best corrosion-resistant materials in the world today. Except for molten sodium and liquid fluorine, it can withstand all other chemicals. It will not change after boiling in aqua regia. It is widely dispersed in a variety of materials that require resistance to acid, alkali and organic solvents) , Sealing, high lubrication and non-stick, electrical insulation and good anti-aging endurance, excellent temperature resistance (can work at a temperature of +250℃ to -180℃ for a long time). Now let’s take a good look at the various characteristics of this material and its application

PTFE hose is formed by compression or extrusion processing; it can also be made into water dispersion for coating, dipping or making fibers. Polytetrafluoroethylene is widely used in industries such as nuclear energy, national defense, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical, machinery, instruments, meters, construction, textiles, metal surface treatment, pharmaceuticals, medical treatment, textiles, food, metallurgy and smelting, etc. , Corrosion-resistant materials, insulating materials, anti-stick coatings, etc., making it an irreplaceable product. PTFE has outstanding excellent comprehensive properties, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-stick, self-lubricating, excellent dielectric properties, and a very low coefficient of friction. Used as engineering plastics, it can be made into PTFE tubes, rods, belts, plates, films, etc. Generally used in corrosion-resistant pipelines, containers, pumps, valves, radar, high-frequency communication equipment, and radio equipment with high performance requirements. By adding any filler that can withstand the sintering temperature of PTFE, its mechanical properties can be greatly improved. At the same time, other excellent properties of PTFE are maintained. Filled varieties include glass fiber, metal, metal oxide, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, carbon fiber, polyimide, EKONOL... etc. The wear resistance and limit PV value can be increased by 1000 times.

The PTFE hose is made of suspension polymerized polytetrafluoroethylene resin through plunger extrusion processing. Among the known plastics, PTFE has the best chemical resistance and dielectric properties. PTFE braided packing is a good dynamic sealing material. It is woven from expanded PTFE tape. It has excellent properties such as low friction coefficient, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good sealing, non-hydrolysis, and non-hardening. Used for gasket seals and lubricating materials working in various media, as well as electrical insulators used under various frequencies. Capacitor dielectric, cable insulation, electrical instrument insulation, etc. PTFE film is suitable for the insulation of capacitor dielectrics, special cables, wire insulation, electrical and instrument insulation and sealing gaskets. It can also be used as non-stick tape, sealing tape, and demoulding

General materials

Various rods, tubes, sheet films, belts, ropes, packings, gaskets, and graphite, molybdenum disulfide, aluminum oxide, glass fiber, and carbon fiber are used as fillers to improve the mechanical properties of pure PTFE


1. Hoses and fittings: pure PTFE hose; PTFE lined hose; wrapped glass steel pipe; steel composite flange;

2. Chemical container lining: PTFE lined kettle; PTFE lined tank; PTFE lined tower;

3. Heat exchanger; PTFE

4. Corrugated expansion tube;

5. The main components of valves and pumps;

6. Steel wire reinforced full pressure hose;

7. Filter material. The PTFE membrane has a large number of pores in the longitudinal and bidirectional stretching. It is a new material. It can be combined with other fabrics to make a solid phase anti-corrosion filter bag for smoke and dust or a good waterproof, breathable, windproof and warm rain gear sportswear. , Cold-proof clothing, special protective clothing and light tents, aseptic filtration of compressed air for pharmaceuticals, various solvents, and filtration of high-purity gases in the electronics industry


1. Static sealing: sandwich gasket; seat belt; elastic sealing belt;

2. Dynamic seal (woven packing, ring seal): V-shaped seal body-used for shafts, piston rods, valves; turbo pump inner seals; PTFE and rubber composite seal ring; with bellows Telescopic mechanical seal

Load bearing

1. Filled with PTFE bearings, used in food, chemical, papermaking and textile machinery;

2. Porous copper-impregnated fluoroplastic metal bearings can be used normally under high temperature, high pressure, dry friction and vacuum conditions; PTFE anti-oxidation

3. The bearing lining made of composite fabric made of PTFE fiber and glass fiber or other fiber blended with PTFE fiber bearing is used for low speed and high load;

4. Filled with PTFE piston ring, guide ring, machine tool guide rail and bridge slider


1. Class C insulation materials for wires and cables;

2. The sheath of the stator and rotor water diversion pipes and thermocouples of the double water internal cooling turbo generator;

3. Microwave insulating materials for high-frequency and ultra-high frequency communication equipment and radar;

4. Printed circuit substrates and insulating materials for motors and transformers (including gas transformers);

5. Insulating materials for air conditioners, electronic stoves, various heaters and sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers

Anti-sticking class

1. The PTFE glass cloth covering layer on the hot roller of the sizing machine-can avoid the sticking roller phenomenon formed by chemical slurry, greatly improve the production rate and the quality of the cloth insoluble in strong acids, strong alkalis and organic solvents;

2. Microwave drying conveyor belt in the food industry—compared to conveyor belts of other materials, it does not absorb microwave energy, and non-sticky objects have the advantages of energy saving and cleaning;

3. Heat-sealable anti-sticking material packed in polyethylene bags;

4. Anti-stick coating-used in kitchen pans, baking molds for baking bread, frozen food storage trays, electric iron backing, copier nip rollers;

Temperature resistant

1. The driving gear of the microwave oven, such as the coupling and roller of the microwave oven;

2. Various temperature-resistant accessories for refrigerators, air conditioners, oxygen generators, and compressors


1. Human body substitute arteries, veins, and heart membranes;

2. Endoscope, forceps catheter, trachea;

3. Other medical equipment such as tubes, bottles, filter cloths, etc

The above is our explanation of the products and application industries made of PTFE materials. Huizhou City besteflon Fluorine plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. has been focusing on R&D, production and sales of PTFE smooth pipes, bellows, anti-static pipes, assembly pipes for 16 years. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us

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