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If you want the best price, just find the source manufacturer.

We are the original manufacturer of PTFE hose in China. , We specialize in PTFE Smooth bore hose/ tube, PTFE convoluted hose/ tube, PTFE assembly, PTFE Automotive hose, etc. And we have complete certificate, like FDA, SGS, ISO9001, ROHS etc. So our products quality is guaranteed.

Safety and performance should be the top priority when we talk to cars;

There are many materials of oil bing on the market, and its quality is uneven.Can not blindly pursue the price, good material and process are also crucial. Especially for automotive fuel systems

The PTFE fuel hose is currently the best choice for automotive fuel systems.It is made by 100% virgin PTFE inner tube and stainless steel wire braided, then cover with PVC layer for protecting the hose. PTFE tubes have good corrosion resistance to fuel chemicals like methanol, ethanol and E85, which will not be corroded even for a long time, and there is no leakage problem caused by fuel dissolution, which is important for any type of closed space.

The PTFE tubing is currently the best option for fuel systems.Due to its special properties, it is not affected by almost any chemical matter.

Huizhou Besteflon Fluorine Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a professional high-technology company, specializing in the production of D&R and sales of PTFE.

We have a high-quality design team and a complete quality assurance system. We are equipped with many kinds of equipments like the pressure detector, precision gauge tester, insulation tester, temperature detector to ensure products having good performance and excellent quality.

In addition, all of our raw materials are purchased from the famous companies, like DuPont,3M, DAIKIN, all of them are the top brand raw material and competitive prices.

For more information about us, please contact our sales staff.

sales02@zx-ptfe.com or sales04@zx-ptfe.com

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