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Some people may have heard of PTFE tubing, but they don't know the characteristics of this material very well. Today I will give you a detailed introduction to why it is widely used in automobile fuel hoses

What is a PTFE fuel hose?

The PTFE Hose is a tube composed of an inner PTFE tubing and an outer stainless steel braided layer as a protective cover. The PTFE liner is similar to a PTFE tube with an external protective cover, increasing its pressure resistance.It is ideal for automotive fuel hose

PTFE hose characteristics:

Chemical inert

Low permeability

Lowest coefficient of friction

Light weight





Weathering / aging resistance

Solvent resistant

Excellent electrical properties

Why do more and more people use PTFE tubes instead of rubber tubes?

Rubber has a good bending radius, it is resistant to oil and fuel. It is very common in various pumping systems and chemical transfers, but they are not always the best choice. Since the chemical resistance of rubber is not as ideal as PTFE tube, it will be penetrated by some chemicals and release steam, giving off an unpleasant odor.

Although PTFE hoses cannot provide the same elastic range as rubber, they have strong chemical resistance, which also means that the decomposition of PTFE hoses is much slower than that of rubber hoses. Therefore, it has strong resistance to most chemicals, and fuel vapor will not be released through the pipe, which is very important for any enclosed space.

In addition, the surface friction of the PTFE tube is also lower than that of rubber, which means that the use of a PTFE tube can improve fluidity.

It is precisely because of these excellent properties of PTFE that it has become the best choice for tubing applications.

In addition, PTFE tubing can be added with anti-static (carbon-containing) properties. This conductive type of PTFE uses an outer braid and an inner PTFE lining, which is highly resistant to chemicals and thermal decomposition. The use of wires is very important. It is necessary to consider whether to choose the PTFE option, because the static charge generated by the fuel flow will actually arc/burn and cause an electric charge, which can cause a fire.

What brand and where to buy?

Huizhou Besteflon Fluorine Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a professional high-technology company, specializing in the production of D&R and sales of PTFE. Hose.

We have a high-quality design team and a complete quality assurance system. We are equipped with many kinds of equipments like the pressure detector, precision gauge tester, insulation tester, temperature detector to ensure products having good performance and excellent quality.

In addition, all of our raw materials are purchased from the famous companies, like DuPont,3M, DAIKIN, all of them are the top brand raw material and competitive prices.

For 17 years, we have accumulated experience in the production of PTFE hoses. We always insist that technology is the primary productivity, quality is the life of the factory, and honesty and trustworthiness is the way of business. We are committed to improving product quality, developing new products and applying new technologies.

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