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We specialize in all aspects of PTFE assembly and related products, ensuring maximum attention to our customers.

OurBesteflon PTFE hoses and assemblies offer unique properties including excellent chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance (up to 260°C, 500°F), friction-free, and easy to clean surfaces. These properties determine the type of PTFE hose for application and can provide the best hose products to work with. As specialists in PTFE hose assemblies, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of PTFE hoses including a wide variety of grades of sliding-hole and winding hoses, cover, and end terminals

Smooth Bore PTFE Hose with Stainless Steel Braid

Smooth bore PTFE hose with stainless steel braiding is manufactured from smooth bore PTFE inside, with single or double 304 or 316 wire braiding.

Main features: flexible, large flow. Excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Easy to clean and crimp.

Temperature range:-70℃~ +260℃

Application: steam, chemical, coating, adhesive, fuel, oil, food.

Length (MTRS): Customized

Convoluted PTFE Hose with Stainless Steel Braid

Convoluted PTFE hose with stainless steel braids is manufactured from a wound PTFE inside with soft, low stretch 304 or 316 stainless steel wire braids.

Main Features: Excellent flexibility and kink resistance. Excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

Temperature range:-70℃~ +260℃.

Application: automotive, steam transport, refrigeration, chemical industry.

Length (MTRS): Customized

Smooth Bore Convoluted PTFE Hose with Stainless Steel Braid

Smooth hole wound teflon hose with stainless steel braiding is manufactured from smooth hole wound teflon inside with 304 or 316 wire braiding.

Main Features: Excellent flexibility and bending resistance, high flow rate, good chemical and temperature resistance. Easy to clean and crimp.

Temperature range :-70°C ~ 260°C

Application: automotive, refrigeration, steam, gas, chemical industry.

Length (MTRS): Customized


Industry Application Media
AIR CONDITIONING Dehydration lines for steam purging prior to filling with refrigerant Hot gas
BAKERIES Heating supply lines to batter mixing kettles Steam
BOTTLE MAKING Powerlines, hot bottle stacking machine Air
BREATHING APPARATUS Cylinder to pressure gauge or demand valve Compressed air or oxygen
CANNING Beer can sealant lines Charging line for pressurising aerosols Hot adhesive Nitrous oxide
CAR, BUS, AND TRUCK Coolant lines to can support racks,automatic soldering machine Brake clutch, fuel and sump hoses for high performance cars (rally and racing models) Radiator hoses Turbocharger installation Alternative fuel vehicles Water Hydraulic brake fluid Clutch and brake fluid, fuel and oil Cooling water Oil drain CNG/LPG
CARTON MAKING Supply lines on milk carton manufacturing machines Hot waxes and adhesives (non-toxic)
CHEMICAL Chemical transfer hoses Various acids alkalis, solvents,hydrocarbons etc.
COSMETICS Transfer hose Powders and oils
DISTILLING Barrel filling Whiskey
ELECTRONICS Coolant lines for electronic racks and equipment Water
FOOD Deep frying oil and fat recirculating racks and systems Transfer lines for corn syrup processing Heat supply lines, individual jam packaging machines Hot edible animal and vegetable oils and fats Glutamates Steam
INDUSTRIAL GASES Cylinder charging PTFE hoses/tubes often “cleaned” for H.P. oxygen Oxygen / nitrogen / argon / acetylene / helium etc.
LAUNDRY / DRY CLEANING Steam line on laundry presses and irons Steam
LIGHT BUOYS / LIGHTHOUSES Flexible feed lines cylinders / light burner Acetylene
MARINE Hydraulic control and power systems (steering gear etc) Condensate lines Fire resistant and water emulsion hydraulic fluids Steam
MOTORCYCLES Hydraulic clutch, brake and oil Clutch and brake fluid, oil transfer
OIL Transfer Hose Crude Oil, Salt Water
PACKAGING INDUSTRY Adhesive lines for sealing Industrial Solvents
PAINTBALL Gas Lines for Guns CO2 Gas
PAINT SPRAYING Supply lines, airless spraying systems Paint, lacquers, organic solvents
POWER STATIONS Feed lines to burners Fuel Oil
PRESS AND INJECTION MOULDING MACHINES Heating and cooling lines to platen presses and injection moulding heads Alternating steam and cold water
PROCESS PLANT Transfer hose cooling and/or heating hose, ventilation pipe Slurry, distillates, plating solutions, water, oil, air, partial vacuum
REFRIGERATION Plate freezers, chiller cabinets, capillary lines Brine, refrigerant fluids
SHOE MAKING Supply lines on sole cementing machine Hot adhesives and cement
TELEVISION / RADIO Non-conductive cooling hoses on transmitters Water, steam, air
TEST RIGS Highly flexible large bore transfer hose Water, air, hydraulic oil, vacuum
TEXTILES (PROCESS PLANT) Heating lines on dryers, (similar to paper making industry) Steam
TYRE AND TUBE MANUFACTURING Heating lines on tyre press machines Steam
TYRE REMOULDING Heating lines on retreading machines Steam
URETHANE FOAM MANUFACTURING Supply lines on foam making machines Hot resins and activators, at high pressures

If your industry or application is not mentioned above, please send us( an inquiry of how you currently use or intend to use PTFE tubes

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