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Bestflon Dacron Cotton Exterior Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose is made of PTFE inner pipe and braided with stainless steel 304/316 wire, and Dacron cotton exterior layer, which is compatible with all fuels, oil and nitrogen (including brake fluid and clutch fluid).

The PTFE Hose has a light black cover for durability, wear resistance and expansion. It is the best choice for fuel systems because it does not allow the penetration of fuel odour and has the highest pressure and temperature ratings.

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Advantages of Dacron Cotton Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose

Chemical resistance:

It is inert to almost all commercial chemicals, acids, alcohols, coolants, elastomers, petroleum compounds, solvents, vinyl, synthetic lubricants, and hydraulic fluids.

Bending and impact resistance:

Not affected by continuous bending, vibration or impact - can withstand alternating hot and cold cycles.

Low friction coefficient:

Low friction coefficient and anti viscosity performance ensure continuous low pressure drop during use, with good rated pressure and full vacuum.

Light weight:

Easier to move, handle and install than rubber hose with a comparable burst pressure rating - ideal as a pigtail in gas handling and pneumatic systems where the dew point must be low.


Handle various substances such as adhesives, mortars, dyes, grease, glue, latex, paint and paint - when used as a compressed discharge line, no carbon build-up.


Does not contaminate materials, fluids, gas conduction – PTFE is FDA approved for food handling and pharmaceutical applications.

Anti metamorphism:

Weather resistant, long-term storage, no aging during use.

Steam compatibility

Due to the high temperature and high pressure resistance of PTFE, it is very suitable for steam applications.

Thermal insulation:

In high temperature conditions, it can be a good thermal insulation, so as not to cause operator burns.

Prettier appearance:

In automotive applications, black Dacron cotton layer makes the hose look prettier and matches your black aluminum alloy fittings.

Dacron Cotton Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose

No. Inner diameter Outer diameter Tube Wall
Working pressure Burst pressure sleeve size
(inch) (mm±0.2) (inch) (mm±0.2) (inch) (mm±0.1) (psi) (bar) (psi) (bar)
ZXGM102/112-03 1/8" 3.5 0.295 7.5 0.039 1.00 3444 238 13775 950 ZXTF0-02
ZXGM102/112-04  3/16" 5.0  0.354  9.0  0.033  0.85 2998  207 11992 827  ZXTF0-03
ZXGM102/112-05 1/4" 6.5 0.413 10.5 0.033 0.85 2719 188 10875 750 ZXTF0-04
ZXGM102/112-06  5/16"  8.0  0.472 12.0  0.033  0.85  2393  165  9570  660  ZXTF0-05
ZXGM102/112-08  3/8"  10.0  0.571 14.5  0.033  0.85 2008  139  8033  554  ZXTF0-06
ZXGM102/112-10  1/2"  13.0  0.709  18.0  0.039  1.00 1856   128  7424  512  ZXTF0-08
ZXGM102/112-12  5/8"  16.0  0.819 20.8  0.039  1.00 1243  86  4974  343 ZXTF0-10
ZXGM102/112-14 3/4" 19.0 0.984 25.0 0.047 1.20 1051 73 4205 290 ZXTF0-12
ZXGM102/112-16  7/8"  22.2  1.122  28.5  0.047  1.20  885  61  3538  244 ZXTF0-14
ZXGM102/112-18  1" 25.0 1.260  32.0 0.059  1.50 834 58 3335 230  ZXTF0-16


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    We offer the usual packing as follows

    1、Nylon bag or poly bag

    2、Carton box

    3、Plastic pallet or plywood pallet

    Customized Packaging is charged

    1、Wooden reel

    2、Wooden case

    3、Other customized packaging also available

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