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Several important steps of trimming PTFE tube

Please read all these instructions before proceeding with the actual trimming and drilling! The first few steps explain the necessary tools and the precise dimensions are given later

Step 1 Tools

You would need the following tools:

    PTFE cutting fixture. If you are building a bear extruder use a part that includes printing.

    Box-shaped knife, blade thickness is about 0.4 mm. Confirm that the blade can be fully inserted into each slit of the clamp.

    60° countersunk.

    Unused PTFE tube, at least 100mm.

    Be very careful when using a utility knife, you may cause serious injury to yourself. Take your time and wear protective gloves if necessary

Step 2 Tools

60° submerged sink
center drill bit
CNC milling cutter

60°countersink can have different shapes. Here are some examples to help you find the answer. If you really can't find it, use a standard 45 degree countersunk sink

1、The first picture is an example of a standard 60° submerged sink ;The outer diameter must be within the range of 4.5 ~ 6.5mm

2、The second picture is an example of a center drill bit, usually 60°;The outer diameter must be within the range of 4.5 ~ 6.5mm;The end diameter must be less than or equal to 1.5mm

3、The third image is an example of a 60° CNC milling cutter;The outer diameter needs to be in the range of

Step 3 Get the PTFE Prepared

Make sure your PTFE tube has a flat and vertical end. If this is not the case, use the end (No. 3) PTFE cutter clamp to make it straight

Where can I get PTFE tubing?

We provide trimmed pipes and drill pipes as spare parts. If there is a shortage of pipes, please contact our support through the live chat window.

Alternatively, you can also buy PTFE tubing from other suppliers. Make sure that the PTFE tube has the required size (diameter), the lowest possible tolerance, and the hole is correctly centered.

Step 4 Make PTFE External Chamfer
PTFE knife clamp

Insert the box knife blade into the PTFE knife clamp of seam 1.

Verify that the blade is at the bottom of the slit and parallel to the bottom of the fixture.

To protect your fingers, please make sure the blade is fully inserted as shown in the picture

Step 5 Make PTFE External Chamfer

PTFE cutter clamp

  Hold the blade in the PTFE cutter clamp with your thumb.

  Insert the PTFE tube into the tool holder until it presses on the end stopper.

  Rotate the tube clockwise (viewed from the back of the tool holder) to finish chamfering.

  Rotate a few times. It should be able to make good PTFE chips.

  Sometimes it can be difficult to flip the PTFE in the tool holder. In this case, here are some tips to make it easier:

  Use longer PTFE tubing

  Add filament inside the PTFE

  Use kitchen gloves

Step 6 Make PTFE External Chamfer

PTFE cutter clamp

        Remove the blade from seam 1.

  Insert the blade into the No. 2 slit.

  Verify that the blade is at the bottom of the slit, parallel to the bottom.

  In order to protect your fingers, please ensure that the blade is fully inserted (if in doubt, please refer to the previous steps).

  When holding the blade with your thumb, insert the PTFE tube all the way in the cutter clamp until it is pressed to the end to stop.

  This time you need to rotate the tube counterclockwise (viewed from the back of the tool holder).

Step 7 Trim the PTFE length

PTFE cutter clamp

Keep the PTFE inner clamp and trim length. Make sure the PTFE is completely fixed and does not move when cutting

Step 8 Make PTFE Internal Chamfer

ptfe tube
ptfe tube

On the flat side of the PTFE, use a 60° countersunk tool to make a chamfer.

The finished chamfer should look like the second image.

The PTFE tube can be inserted into the cutter to make its flat end slightly protrude. It can be kept in place by pressing the center tube.

Step 9 Clean up the trimmed PTFE tube

ptfe tube

Pass a filament through the trimmed PTFE tube to clean any remaining PTFE chips

Step 10

Use a caliper to verify the length of the PTFE tube. Do not apply too much pressure during measurement to avoid damage to the outer chamfer

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