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E85 or ethanol has proven to be an economical and efficient fuel that can provide the required octane rating and power potential for demanding applications. At least, it can also have a cooling effect on the cost of air intake


The best solution is a material called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE is a plastic material, this material is not affected by the deterioration of the fuel, and therefore the fuel vapor cannot leak out.

Safety, life, and performance should be your top priority when it comes to the cars fuel pipeline. The additives contained in modern fuels can harden and degrade most materials. This may cause a potentially dangerous leak and may leave an unpleasant smell. Once the fuel line is degraded, poorly-performing hose particles will contaminate and block the injector and carburetor channels, affecting performance and causing various problems. Zhongixn high-performance PTFE fuel hose adopts thickened multi-layer braid technology, which can withstand the corrosiveness of modern fuels, and solves these problems. With three different types of fuel hoses, let us take a closer look at all the features and advantages of Zhongxin PTFE Fuel hoses

Steam protection

Zhongxin PTFE fuel hose provides an economical solution that almost eliminates the fuel penetration problem that is common in most low-performance fuel pipelines. The technology of Zhongxin hose is layered. The thickened multi-layer braided hose is designed to withstand the corrosive effects of modern fuels, while eliminating steam, and providing extremely high heat resistance and ozone pollution

Elastic of velocity

Next is our Zhongxin PTFE fuel hose. Like the steam shield, the Sino-Singapore fuel hose is designed to withstand the corrosive effects of modern fuels. It uses stainless steel braiding to protect the PTFE lining, making it compatible with various fuels and additives. It is more resistant to methanol and alcohol fuels than gasoline. The strong external stainless steel braid protects your Zhongxin fuel hose and provides extra strength and integrity.

Zhongxin fuel hoses can withstand pressures up to 5000psi. Its size ranges from -2A to -10A. Zhongxin has carbon linings (size-6a to-10a) to ensure safety and eliminate static buildup. Zhongxin does not contain PVC coating and can be used for hose immersion fuel applications.

When you need performance, Sino-Singapore PTFE fuel hose is the best choice. The design of Sino-Singapore PTFE pipe series exceeds the strict requirements of racing cars. It is designed to withstand today's modern fuels and thrive in harsh environments, including vibration. PTFE

corrugated internal hose lining provides high flexibility for difficult pipeline operations. The liner is filled with carbon to eliminate static electricity, and has an ultra-low coefficient of friction to achieve maximum flow. The lining is also reinforced with a glass fiber cladding to increase strength and integrity.

Zhongxin PTFE hose is also available in black PVC or TPU coating. This conductive type of PTFE uses an outer braid and an inner PTFE lining to provide high resistance to chemical corrosion and thermal decomposition. The use of conductive wires is very important, and the choice of PTFE should be considered, because the electrostatic charge generated by the fuel flow can actually arc/burn and cause the charge to cause a fire.

PTFE is difficult to assemble, but has a long service life and is not easily affected by temperature and pressure. This makes it an excellent choice for corrosive fuels as well as power steering lines, turbine oil lines and more. For these reasons, it is also an excellent choice for E85 and ethanol and methanol

Super soft

Zhongxin PTFE tube is currently the thinnest and lightest fuel hose. It combines high elastic grade 304 stainless steel braid with internal smooth PTFE tube to increase flow. The complex external structure provides incredible flexibility. The internal PTFE tube is suitable for use with any fuel and can withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius. Zhongxin stainless steel braided PTFE hose can be used to soak hose in fuel applications

General recommendations for fuel systems

When installing water pipes to the vehicle, keep the fuel hose away from heat sources, sharp edges and moving parts. Always leave enough clearance for the movement of the power system. Check the gap between suspension and transmission system components. Be sure to check the entire stroke of the suspension element to avoid squeezing or lengthening the fuel hose.

For fuel hoses that are susceptible to road debris and high temperatures, use stainless steel braided PTFE fuel hoses or hard wires.

Be sure to clamp the hose to prevent abrasion. Clamps also help reduce vibration of other components. When the pipe passes through the panel, use appropriate partition fittings or cable loops

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