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The hose of the cars have multiple parts, mainly summarized as: steering system, brake brake system, air conditioning system. Each system is required to have good quality, can withstand a certain high pressure strength, corrosion resistant and other characteristics.

Currently, E85 or ethanol has been shown to be a cost-efficient fuel that provides the required octane values and power potential for demanding applications. However, the additives contained in modern fuels can harden and degrade most materials. This can lead to potentially dangerous leaks and can leave unpleasant odors. Once the fuel line degenerate, poorly performing hose particles will contaminate and plug injectors and carburetor channels, affecting performance and causing various problems

The best solution is a hose called PFEE hose. A suitable hose hose is crucial to car performance and safety. So what hose is safer and more durable? The following introduce why PTFE hose can be ideal for fuel hose:

The high temperature resistance high pressure and corrosion resistant of the PTFE hose are the mainly reason for people to use as fuel hose. Its operating temperature range is -65 ~ + 260, which can meet the temperature needs of various cars or modified cars. And the work pressure can also reach an amazing height.

The chemical properties of the PTFE hose is the most stable of any plastic, and it is insoluble in virtually any solvent, including hydrogen fluoride, royal water or niacin, sodium hydroxide, so it can adapt to all fuels and without change.

In addition, excellent non-viscosity also acts as an important factor in the fuel hose, all substances will not stick with the PTFE tube, so that the fuel is very smooth and very sensitive when starting

The lightness and excellent flexibility are also make more and more interested in its engineers.

The PTFE hose can be used as a substitute for metal parts by reducing the weight by at least 30 to 50%. This feature provides significant energy savings if used for movement, transportation, and material handling applications.The high elastic level 304 or 316 stainless steel wire on the PTFE inner tube can increase the working pressure of the hose and also provide incredible flexibility to the hose.

We can also fill carbon in the PTFE tube to eliminate electrostatic forces with an ultra-low friction coefficient to achieve maximum flow

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