Wholesale PTFE Tube & PTFE Hose With Stainless Steel Wire Braided 

Finding the stable and growing PTFE hose manufacturer for your company is easy and assured when you purchase from Besteflon. As one of the top PTFE tube and hose manufacturers in China, we supply a wide range of products, which includes PTFE smooth bore tube, PTFE corrugated tube, PTFE smooth bore hose in medium pressure, high pressure, ultra-high pressure, flexible PTFE corrugated hose, flexible PTFE smooth bore convoluted hose, automotive PTFE hose, PTFE hoses with coated outer cover of PVC/PU/PE/PA, silicone, rubber, and braided outer cover of polyester, Nylon, glass fiber, aramid fiber, polypropylene fiber.

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Leading PTFE Tube & PTFE Hose Manufacturer in China

As a top PTFE tube and PTFE hose manufacturer, we have 20 years of experience in manufacturing , R&D PTFE products, the main products include PTFE smooth bore tube, PTFE corrugated tube, PTFE smooth bore hose, PTFE corrugated hose, various fittings, connectors, other PTFE products, different types of hose assemblies, etc. We also accept OEM service.

We keep improving, researching and expanding our product line to provide more professional and effective services to a wider range of customers. From the selection of raw materials to the selection of accessories, we focus on quality. Whether you are a wholesaler or a distributor, our best PTFE hose & PTFE tube factory will help you grow your business fast with quality products and perfect service.

If you would like to start customizing PTFE hose for your special application, please feel free to contact us! Providing excellent customer service is Besteflon’s eternal pursuit as the best PTFE tube & hose supplier!

Our Advantage

Over 20 Years of Expertise

With over 20 years of expertise in manufacturing PTFE tube and braided hose, Besteflon has the ability to overcome some production challenges, the ability to independently develop new products, and design suitable products for your special use conditions.

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Our Advantage

Strict Quality Control System

Materials are provided by qualified and stable brands companies, such as Daikin, and best domestic PTFE resin. 100% QC on raw materials. All PTFE tubes will pass the air tightness test to ensure no leakage. And water pressure/ air pressure test is taken to ensure the pressure level, each product must pass strict inspection before preparing for shipment.

Strict Quality Control System

Our Advantage

Factory Capacity & Competitive Price

We are the factory direct source, providing high quality products at competitive prices, with ever-increasing productive capacity to supply your steadily growing demands. At present, we have enough extruders, braiding machines, German horizontal braiding machines, crimping machine and various test benches, etc.


Our Advantage

Timely & Effective Sales Service

We stock standard PTFE tubes and braided hoses, ensuring you get what you need when you urgently need them. When any problems arise during or after sales , you will receive prompt and responsible feedback from us.

Timely & Effective Sales Service
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