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Braid hose cover refers to the braided reinforcement layer outside the inner tube. Different covers have different roles:

Stainless steel wire – Increasing hose working pressure, protect inner tube will not be destroyed by external forces;

PU/PVC – Good protect to stainless steel layer, suitable for automotive hose;

TPU – good protect to stainless steel layer

Silicone – heat insulation, abrasion;

Glass Fiber/ Dacron/ Cotton Yarn – heat insulation;

Motley Cotton Yarn – Thermal insulation an plays an important role in marking, available colors are black, white, blue, red, gray, etc;

Aramid Fiber – thermal insulation, increasing the working pressure;

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Braided layer is very important for the PTFE smooth bore tubes and convoluted tubes, it can protect the inner tube from damage easily, but also can increase the working pressure and make the hose more flexible. Because of the special properties of PTFE, it is used in various industries. However, each industry has different requirements for these hoses performance. At this time, the braided cover with different functions can be better applied to each industry. If you need this, please check the above detailed explanation to choose your own way!

Size: - 3an (3.5mm ID)

Construction: 100% virgin PTFE + 304/316 stainless steel wire braided + PVC coated outside

PVC Color: Transparent, black, red, green, blue, gray, transparent-black and etc.

Features: Lightweight, flexible and more durable than standard Nitrile steel wire braided hose.

Compatibility: Engine oil, such as nitro, brake, engine oil, power steering fluid and Nitrous oxide; brake fluid, unleaded gasoline, methanol, water and oil, suitable for unleaded fuel.

Application: Brake line, clutch line, fuel system, turbine oil supply hose, cooling system, oil pressure system, instrument piping and power supply drive.

Maximum working pressure: 207bar

Inner diameter: 3.5mm

Outer diameter: 7.5 mm

Minimum bending radius: 25 mm



PVC Coated Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose

No. Inner diameter Outer diameter Tube Wall
Working pressure Burst pressure AN size sleeve size
(inch) (mm±0.2) (inch) (mm±0.2) (inch) (mm±0.1) (psi) (bar) (psi) (bar)
ZXGM114-03 1/8" 3.5 0.295 7.5 0.039 1.00 3260 225 13040 900 AN3 ZXTF0-02
ZXGM114-04  3/16"  4.8  0.354  9.0  0.033  0.85  2750  190 11000 760  AN4  ZXTF0-03
ZXGM114-06  5/16"  8.0  0.512  13.0  0.033  0.85  2540  175  10160  700 AN6
ZXGM112-08  3/8"  10.0  0.591  15.0  0.033  0.85  2030  140  8120  560  AN8
ZXGM112-10  1/2"  13.0  0.701  17.8  0.039  1.00 1740   120  6960  480  AN10  ZXTF0-08
ZXGM112-12  5/8"  16.0  0.854  21.7  0.039  1.00 1270  88  5080  352  AN12 ZXTF0-10
ZXGM112-16  7/8"  22.2  1091  27.7  0.039  1.00  870  60  3480  240  AN16 ZXTF0-14
ZXGM112-18  1-1/8" 28.0 1358  34.5 0.079  2.00 630 44 2520 176  AN18  ZXTF0-16


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  •   Question 1: What are the main materials?

      Answer:PTFE / FEP / PU / stainless steel wire / cotton / copper, stainless steel, carbon steel joint

      Question 2:What is the inner diameter and connection method?

      Answer:Can be produced or customized according to your requirements.

      Question 3: Can you provide OEM service?

      Answer:We can provide OEM service. It will depend on your requirements; your logo will be customized according to our products


    We offer the usual packing as follows

    1、Nylon bag or poly bag

    2、Carton box

    3、Plastic pallet or plywood pallet

    Customized Packaging is charged

    1、Wooden reel

    2、Wooden case

    3、Other customized packaging also available

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