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PTFE corrugated tubes are flexible and suitable for applications requiring a smaller bending radius, boost treatment, or compression resistance

Corrugated gold can be sourced with flares, flanges, cuffs or combination of more than one Optimized tubing solution.

PTFE resin suppliers include DuPont, 3M, Daikin and Chinese top level brand with PDA approved.

All the corrugated tubes can increase anti-static (carbon-containing) performance, please contact us for more information.

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PTFE corrugated tubse are very flexible and suitable for various applications with strict requirements for bending radius.

Its main feature is its greater flexibility and bendability, and its smaller bending radius increases with the diameter of the tube. The curved tube has the inherent properties of PTFE and has high flexibility and elasticity. According to the ripple, there are V, U and Ω. It acts as a connector for corrosion-resistant tubes, with the absorption of variation in tube length caused by thermal expansion and contraction, and with staggered connections of rigid and brittle pipes. More and more engineers are abandoning bulky and inflexible metal pipes into such light, flexible and easy to operate PTFE plastic tubes.

The PTFE tube is a miracle in plastic tubes and is widely used in various industries due to its excellent product performance. Such as petroleum, chemical, aviation, metallurgy, electricity, gas, construction, machinery, construction, steel, paper, textile, medicine, food, shipping and other fields.

The performance of PTFE tubes is shown below:

The kink resistance:

This particular type of PTFE tube has multiple folds on the outer wall of the tube.This property allows the tube to bend more than ordinary tubes, thus reducing the concern of twisting kinks while moving the tube through a tight angular position involving sharp bends.

High temperature resistance:

its operating temperature range is from-65 to + 260, which can withstand high temperature to 300℃ for a short time, and is generally sustainably used between 240℃ and 260℃, with significant thermal stability.

Chemical inert:

not soluble in any solvent, except can react with molten alkali metal, even in hydrofluoride acid, royal water, or smoke sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, no change.

Abrasion resistance:

PTFE tubes tend to provide natural lubrication, which helps to improve the wear resistance and service life of rollers, gears, seals and bearings.

Light weight:

PTFE tubes are known for their light weight and can be reduced as substitutes to metal parts by at least 30 to 50% when used as a maximum of 50%.This feature facilitates significant energy savings if used for liner movement, transportation, and material handling applications. Earthquake absorption and shock resistance: The PTFE tube has excellent shock absorption performance and impact resistance.

Fire prevention:

PTFE tubes greatly improve the fire safety of traffic, aircraft, semiconductor and other applications.The use of PTFE tubes in the semiconductor industry greatly reduces the need to install those expensive fire extinguishing systems.

Insulation performance:

It is well known that PVC hoses have excellent insulation performance, which can help to improve the reliability of the product and help to reduce the heat.PTFE tubes are widely used in the transportation and electrical industries, protecting the following products from electrical and thermal shocks.They also greatly help the product insulation.

Electrostatic control:

PTFE tube has anti-static characteristics and can prevent any accumulation of charge.


It is the least surface tension in a solid material and does not adhere to any material.Almost all substances does not stick to it and is easy to clean.

Product Details

Color:  milky white/translucent/black/blue
Specification: 1/4’’-2’’
Material:  PTFE
Working Temperature Range: -65℃-+260℃
Application:  Chemical/Machinery equipment//Compressed gas/Fuel and lubricant handling/Steam transfer/Hydraulic systems
Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory
Standard: ISO9001

Corrugated Tube Range

No. Specification
Outer diameter Inner diameter Working pressure Burst pressure Minimum bending radius
(inch) (mm±0.2) (inch) (mm±0.1) (psi) (bar) (psi) (bar) (inch) (mm)
1 1/4" 0.415 10.55 0.256 6.5 60 4 210 14.0 0.787 20
2  5/16"  0.484  12.3  0.315  8.0  60  4  210  14.0  0.866 22
3  3/8"  0.589  15.0  0.394  10.0  60  4  210  14.0  1.024  26
4  1/2"  0.705  17.9  0.512  13.0  60  4  210  14.0  1.024  26
5  5/8"  0.860  21.9  0.630  16.0 45   3  180  12.0  1.260  32
6  3/4"  1.039  26.4  0.748  19.0  45  3 180  12.0  2.165  55
7 1  1.378 35.0  0.984  25.0  45  3  150  10.0  3.150 80
8  1-1/2"  1.772  45.0  1.496  38.0  38  3  135  9.0  3.937  100
9 2"  2.343  59.5  1.969  50.0  30  2  120  8.0  4.921  125

* Meet SAE 100R14 standard.

* Customer-specific products may be discussed with us for detailed.

It is due to the various excellent properties described above that PTFE tubes have a large number of industrial applications.

PTFE products greatly help reduce costs and benefit the industry wherever applied. These PTFE products can be viewed at the following website at and the options to buy at a discount price.


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  • Question: is that right? Use dishwasher to make bleach tube?

    Answer: one of the characteristics of PTFE tube is strong acid and alkali resistance, and its raw material PTFE is known as “the king of plastics”. So if the diameter is the same, of course it can be used. You can provide the size and specification information you need to our sales staff, and we will recommend pipes that meet your requirements according to your needs.

    what is the task of a ptfe tube with a 3d printer?

    what is ptfe convoluted hose?

    how to remove ptfe tube?


    We offer the usual packing as follows

    1、Nylon bag or poly bag

    2、Carton box

    3、Plastic pallet or plywood pallet

    Customized Packaging is charged

    1、Wooden reel

    2、Wooden case

    3、Other customized packaging also available

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