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PTFE brake line is made of 100% virgin PTFE inner tube and reinforced enhance 304/316 stainless steel layer. It is a fuel dedicated hose.

Features: resistant to high temperature and high pressure, anti-corrosion, not easy to age, long service life.Suitable for all motorcycle brake hoses.

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    PTFE stainless steel braided brake fluid hoses are recognized as the most durable in plastic products. It is light, flexible, anti-corrosion, high pressure resistance and other excellent properties, which are widely used in motorcycles automotive.

    Our AN3 PTFE brake hoses are extruded from 100% virgin PTFE resin, and braid with 304/316-grade stainless steel wire on the outer layer to increase the pressure of the hoses and protect the inner tube from external force damage.

    If necessary, we can also cover a PVC protective coating outer stainless steel layer to better protect the hoses.

    It is suitable for brake fluid, coolant, oil, fuel, gasoline, E85, air and methanol; operating temperature range from -65° to 260°.

    PTFE inner tube makes this hose significantly more durable than standard rubber Nitrile stainless steel braided hose is more durable.

    May be used with aluminum alloy or stainless steel banjo fittings designed for PTFE hoses.

    If you have a demand for our products, please contact me for more information.

    Product Details

    Brand Name: BESTEFLON
    Temperature range:  − 65 ℃~ + 260 ℃
    Working pressure: 225bar ~ 44bar
    Burst pressure:  900bar ~ 176bar
    Material: PTFE
    Inner layer: ptfe hose
    Reinforcing layer: stainless steel wire braiding
    Outer layer: PVC, PU (black, red, blue, yellow, purple, transparent, gray, orange, etc.)
    Hose size An3, an4, an6, an8, an10, an12, an16, an20
    Inner diameter 3.56mm, 4.83mm, 8.13mm, 10.7mm, 13mm, 16.3mm, 22.2mm, 28.6mm
    Outer diameter 6.35mm, 8mm, 10.9mm, 13.7mm, 16mm, 19.3mm, 26.2mm, 32.8mm
    Length any length

    Features of stainless steel braided PTFE brake hose:

    1.304 stainless steel braided reinforced hose

    2. Meet fmvs-106 and SAE 100 R14 specifications

    3. Test each brake hose to 3000 psi (207 bar or 20.7mpa)

    4. Burst pressure: minimum 7250 or 50MPa (50MPa)

    5. Temperature range − 65 ℃~ + 260 ℃

    Compatible with dot3, DOT4 and DOT4 + brake fluids


    For vehicle braking system.

    1. These hoses are PTFE lined, compatible with all brake fluids, and have a braided stainless steel housing to prevent wear and corrosion. These lines are designed to withstand high pressures and are very flexible and can be used in the most stressful situations. These hoses can be used in many other applications such as pressure gauges, turbochargers and vacuum lines

    2. The product conforms to ISO 9001:2008 and CE control. High quality products and customer's

    3. Satisfaction is our pursuit. Sincere cooperation. Bright future.

    4. Strengthen 304 / 316 stainless steel wire cover to improve strength and durability, and can withstand high working pressure and harsh environment. Burst pressure up to 12000 PSI

    Three layer system technology hydraulic hose cable specially designed for motorcycle and ATV

    Provide reliable and durable brake or clutch hydraulic system for your motorcycle or four-wheel motorcycle.

    Suitable for most motorcycles, off-road vehicles, bucket cars, ATV four-wheel vehicles.

    It can be used as clutch or brake hydraulic hose.


    No. Specification
    Outer diameter Inner diameter Working pressure Burst pressure Minimum bending radius
    (inch) (mm±0.2) (inch) (mm±0.1) (psi) (bar) (psi) (bar) (inch) (mm)
    1 -3 1/4 6.35 9/64 3.56 3260 225 13040 900 3/76 1
    2  -4  5/16  8  3/16  4.83  2750  190  11000  760  1/30 0.85
    3 -6 27/64  10.92 21/64  8.13  2540  175 10160  700  1/30  0.85
    4  -8 35/64  13.72  27/64  10.67 2030 140  8120  560  1/30  0.85
    5  -10  5/8  16  33/64  12.95 1740   120  6960  480  3/76 1
    6 -12  49/64  19.3  41/64  16.26  1270  88 5080  352  3/76 1
    7 -16  1-1/32 26.16  7/8  22.22 870  60 3480 240  1/21 1.2
    8  -20  1-9/32  32.77  1-1/8  28.57  630 44  2520 176  3/38  2

    * Meet SAE 100R14 standard.

    * Customer-specific products may be discussed with us for detailed.

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  • Can PTFE hose be used for brake lines?

    PTFE Tube corrosion resistance, is a special fuel hose, it is not easy to aging, fuel will not easily leak.So it is more suitable for Brake Tube than other materials.

    What size is AN3 brake line?What size is AN3 Brake Line?

    Our AN3 has 2 sizes for you to choose:

    1. ID 3.2mm, OD 6.2mm.

    2. ID 3.5mm, OD 6.5mm.


    We offer the usual packing as follows

    1、Nylon bag or poly bag

    2、Carton box

    3、Plastic pallet or plywood pallet

    Customized Packaging is charged

    1、Wooden reel

    2、Wooden case

    3、Other customized packaging also available

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