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When using our high-quality PTFE hoses, compatible PTFE fittings must be used to ensure correct installation. These accessories are available in AN4, AN6, AN8, AN10, AN16, AN18 models, which can support all automotive fluids

The PTFE reusable rotating hose end is easy to install and user friendly. With a special compression design, it can be reused without damaging the joint, and the threaded joint guide can prevent damage to the inner tube. The PTFE hose connector is mechanically clamped on the PTFE hose core to provide the greatest possible seal, and the stainless steel outer plate is clamped separately to achieve the greatest possible hose holding force


PTFE Fittings
Ptfe Tube Fitting

Size:AN4, AN6, AN8, AN10, AN12, AN16 


Type:Swivel, Non-swivel

Material:Aluminum Alloy

Application:Racing brake systems, hydraulic clutches and transmissions, mechanical gauges, nitrous oxide lines, power steering, air conditioning, and hydraulic systems

Color:Black, Red & Blue, Natural Silver


The PTFE lined stainless steel braided hose can be used for brake pipes, instrument pipes, power steering or automobile air conditioning. These reusable hoses have a miniature "olive" at the end to keep the fittings inside the hose. Replace this "olive" hose head, which can be reused

PTFE lined

AN Fitting Types:

There are three common accessory connections for racing or high-performance vehicles. These are related to the way the hose is connected, including:

Crimp type

Reusable hose ends

Push lock

All of these can also come non-rotating or rotating to make installation easier

Convoluted Tubing Fittings

Crimped pipe fittings (not shown in the picture) are usually used in facilities. They build many hoses because it requires a hydraulic press and a specific mold to properly crimp the collar to the end of the hose. These machines and molds are often expensive, so you won't see individuals or small fleets using them

The crimped hose requires a new crimp collar to be reused, but is considered the strongest and most reliable accessory if crimped correctly

Ptfe Hose Fittings

The two most common types you will see used by home mechanics or small fleets are reusable hose ends or push locks. The reason is that they can be assembled and maintained with hand tools. They are about the same size and shape

The reusable hose end uses a two-part system to keep the hose in place. Usually, they are braided with braided hose or stainless steel or nylon. They come in various sizes, angles and colors. They are slightly heavier, but claim to have a safer hose clamping method than push locks

Ptfe Fuel Line Fittings

There is no threaded connection between the hose end socket and the main body. Then insert the braided hose into the socket. During the assembly process, the sleeve is threaded on the nipple so that the inner diameter of the hose exceeds the taper. The shape and features clamp the hose in place to handle pressure and prevent leakage. Then fasten the end of the internally threaded nut to the corresponding externally threaded connection to form a complete seal on the tapered surface

Ptfe Fuel Line Fittings

Push-lock hoses are the easiest to assemble because they are a single part with a barb. Push locks are used with coated hoses because they have no function to prevent the braid from unraveling. The hose is pressed against the barb and secured. A separate barb can be used to fix the hose in place or an additional clamp can be used

Ptfe Tube Fitting

AN Sizes:


You may be confused at first, but once you get used to it, you only need to look at the fitted clothes to know the size. The dimensions refer to the outer diameter of the hose in 1/16 inch increments. For example, the outer diameter of a -3 hose is 3/16 inch. Similar-8an hose 8/16 = 1/2 inch outer diameter

The most common uses of AN hoses on race cars:

 -3 AN fittings used for brake lines

 -4 AN fuel hoses

 -6 AN fuel or coolant hoses

 -8 AN a very common size for coolant and oil

 -10, -12 AN fittings are used on either coolant or vent hoses

AN Fitting Adapters:

Most engine blocks and OEM parts use slip or national pipe thread (NPT) fittings. There are various types of adapters and accessories that can be used to connect hardware to engine blocks, cylinder heads, radiators and oil coolers

An accessory is produced with a variety of different angles to assist routing and clearance, they come straight, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 150, or even 180 degrees. Some accessories even have special ports for pressure or temperature sensors. Three-way pipe fittings can be used for coolant with multiple pipes. Bulkhead fittings can be used to allow liquids to pass through firewalls or into fuel cells. They have a fitting gasket and clamping nut on both sides to provide a leak-free seal against the bulkhead surface

Ptfe Tube Fitting

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